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Stationary system SHINKAWA VM-7

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Stationary system SHINKAWA VM-7
SHINKAWA VM-7 is an optimal Monitoring System for condition monitoring of turbines, compressors and power generators at oil and chemical facilities and power stations. According to the requirements of American Petroleum Institute, standard API 670 «Equipment emergency protection system», monitoring as carried out against the following parameters: start position, casing vibrations, rotary speed and bearing temperature. As a comprehensive turbine control and measuring instrument (TSI), Monitoring system VM-7 supports all equipment control and protection parameters of high importance: relative displacement, valve position and eccentricity.


Combination of analysis and diagnostics systems
For better protection of critical rotary equipment such as turbines and compressor, there is a need of data collection, vibration analysis and diagnostics during start-up and shutdown of equipment (dynamic data) as well as vibration analysis in nominal conditions. Network communication module VM-742B is directly connected to Analysis system of large-scale centrifugal machines infiSYS RV-200 and allows direct defects analysis from almost any computer.

Reliability and maintainability
Monitoring system VM-7 has redundant power supply unit and redundant communication channel which help considerably reduce risks of losing control in case of power interruption and network malfunction. All the modules can be installed/removed from the front panel which makes it easier online module change.

Comprehensive system
One 19" rack of Monitoring system VM-7 can have up to 44 vibration/displacement data collection channels (11 four-ch. modules) or 66 temperature channels (11 6-ch. modules), or combination of these two modules.

Create your own system
Vibration/displacement control module VM-701B can be set on reception of 11 various measurement types, including vibration, shock loads, relative displacement etc., comprising all the elements of centrifugal machines condition monitoring. The user can adjust the modules to his personal needs *
(*for VM-772B setting is needed)

Programmable danger relay
Every monitoring module has 6 relays which can be set by the user as well as alarm signal special logic for the specified monitoring module channels in one rack.
18-channels relay module VM-721B is applied for the systems that need additional alarm contacts, set for any combination of any channel of any monitoring module in the rack.

- VM-771B MCL View
MCL View displays measuring results and monitoring condition of each module (software is needed)

- Screen with diagram (current values screen)

- VM-772B Device Config
Software Device Config allows the user setting of the monitoring system through existing USB ports.

- Screen Device Config

- VM-773B infiSYS Analysis View
infiSYS Analysis View displays measuring results, diagram analysis and diagnostics results.
Notice: In case of order of additional analysis package, the needed functions – analysis and diagnostics - must be specified, e.g. VM-701B/ALY and VM-702B/ALY.

- Screen infiSYS View Station.

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