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Automatic diagnostics system "Techprognoz"

Automatic diagnostics system "Techprognoz"

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Automatic diagnostics system "Techprognoz"
Stationary vibration monitoring system "Techprognoz" is designed to prevent accidents and failures of dynamic equipment (piston and centrifugal compressors, pumps, air coolers, exhausters) by on-line monitoring of its technical condition.

According to GOST R 53564-2009, the system "Techprognoz" completely corresponds to the first class requirements and can be applied for monitoring of the first category equipment. Such equipment has leading positions in technological process and answers for safety of production. Any case of its failure may lead to technogenic accident (explosion, fire) and/or to a considerable reduction of technical-economic values of production.


Complex functionality and diagnostics methods are designed on the basis of expert knowledge in the field of diagnostics of equipment technical condition and on the basis of "Komdiagnostika" specialists' experience.

The system has an easy stratified architecture and allows connection of various types of sensors of analog and discrete signals (vibration transducers, eddy-current transducers, thermocouples etc.) to their inputs.

The complex is designed using a «client-server» technology which permits to connect an unlimited number of servers to the system. Data acquisition and data processing server is constantly giving values of the monitored parameters to the clients working stations.

Specialized software "Techprognoz" is installed on the clients working stations. It has the following functions:

  -  display of the information about the current condition of the monitored parameters in archived trends.;
  -  saving of emergency warning and diagnostic messages in event log;
  -  preparation of reports about technical condition of dynamic equipment and export of reports in Word, Excel;
  -  setting and editing by the user of emergency and warning limits (set points) for all the monitored parameters;
  -  recordkeeping of off-time unit operation by the user;
  -  providing user with automated diagnostics expert system to compare and evaluate the operation of the unit.


List of defects automatically detected by the system:

 No.   List of defects automatically detected by the system:   
 1.  Loosening of the unit basing*    ok.png 
2.  Loosening of the unit mountings   ok
3.  Rotor unbalance   ok
4.  Shaft misalignment   ok
5.  Rolling bearing defects: lack of lubricating oil   ok
6.  Rolling bearing defects: loose running   ok
7.  Rolling bearing defects: bearing outer race defects   ok
8.  Rolling bearing defects: bearing inner race defects   ok
9.  Rolling bearing defects: rolling elements defects   ok
10.  Rolling bearing defects: separator defects   ok
11.  Pump rotor defects   ok
12.  Pump shaft cut*   ok
13.  Hydroshock*   ok
14.  Cavity*   ok
15.  Inadmissible whipping of pump rotor*   ok
16.  Connecting coupling defects*   ok
17.  Electric motor stator defects*   ok
18.  Electric motor rotor defects*   ok

* Depending on the configuration of the sensors

Depending on the set points signals and other additional control signals, e.g. from PCS through discrete inputs, the device forms and generates a command to executive units.

Automatic diagnostics system "Techprognoz" can be built on the basis of the following equipment:
1) Measuring and computing complex SANPO for monitoring, diagnostics and emergency shut down of dynamic equipment;
2) Measuring modular unit KDR.

Measuring and computing complex SANPO for monitoring, diagnostics and emergency shut down of dynamic equipment is a unique design of "Komdiagnostika" which meets the requirements of API670 standard (American Petroleum Institute, Equipment protection systems).
The complex has block-modular structure "Euromechanics" with modular data acquisition system rack as its basic element. Depending on the needed number of modules there are two modifications of racks - 16-slot (number of measuring modules is from 1 to 13) and 8-slot (number of measuring modules is from 1 to 5).
Main modules are:
- Power supply module SP/P
- Interface module SP/A
- Condition module SP/S
- 4-channel vibration protection and vibration diagnostics module SP/V4
- 6-channel temperature protection and diagnostics module SP/T6
- 8-channel comprehensive module SP/IO8
You can get more detailed information in the section Equipment.

Measuring modular unit KDR ("Komdiagnostika" design) is a multifunctional and configurable crate system
Main modules are:
- Module-controller KDC032;
- Measuring module KDM27;
- Measuring module KDM24;
- Measuring module KDM25;
- Control module KDM42.
You can get more detailed information in the section Equipment.


Main advantages of vibration monitoring system "Techprognoz"

1) Poll speed – system KDR allows receiving and processing data with high definition (up to 170 kHz per channel). Time of data transmission from the sensor to the operator monitor is 1,5-2 sec. With KDR controllers one can see the current condition in real time, from various types of sensors: vibration, temperature, pressure, eddy-current, shock loads and others.

2) Oscillograms – real data are saved and are available for diagnostics.

3) Export in external systems through Modbus and OPC protocols.

4) Generation of report forms and documents for various periods, preparation of report forms in accordance with forms applicable at sites.

5) Visual demonstration of the current technical condition of the unit and its assemblies in operator working station "Techprognoz – Monitoring", with colored and digital alarm in case of exceeding set points. "Techprognoz – Monitoring" is a separate application for operator, it does not contain unnecessary information, it allows quick technical condition monitoring of the whole unit as well as of all its assemblies and reacts in time to the changes of technical condition.

6) Diagnostics (expert system) is a possibility to set automatic diagnostics on the basis of spectral analysis, PV diagrams and orbits. There are pre-installed algorithms of rolling bearings and slider bearings defects detection. With such algorithms you can get the results of diagnostics without attracting diagnostics specialist and without additional settings. In the nearest time there will be a possibility to add settings for defects set by the user.

7) Possibility to set a resource for separate elements; calculation of operation hours; setting of notifications about the need of maintenance works on the basis of the operation hours.

8) Separate application for diagnostics service "Techprognoz expert" is a useful instrument for a detailed analysis of equipment condition.

9) Scalability – possibility to build load distributed system (one subsystem for every unit), which can be displayed as a single for the user (user can see information on all the installations). With "Techprognoz" one can automatically upload Operator working station application and at a time display all the connections to the installations – this function is "transparent" for the operator.

10) Division of access rights. To filter unnecessary information, every user has a possibility to specify access rights to the objects (e.g., to give access for operator of the assembly to separate units but not to the whole assembly).

11) "Smart storage" system is a flexible and adjustable system which allows storing only "interesting" data for further processing thus avoiding their duplication. When set point values are exceeded, the system archives indication before and after excess, this helps to trace the moment of defect development.

12) Constant software modernization, new additional functionality, enhancement of reliability.

13) Possibility to adjust software to the Customer needs.

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